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1 year ago

Rock Blasting Equipments for Total Protection

TMI specializes in providing accessories and materials for industrial blasting and explosives. TM International, LLC provide world's premier protection against pressure, debris and catastrophic events.We sell blasting mats, Blast Shields including those used for the disposal of explosives, entry into areas with explosives, bomb squads and other military branches. The proven range of protection technologies TMI provides flexibility by offering vent explosion, explosion suppression, explosion protection systems, explosion relief panels and flameless explosion vents to manage sources ignition that could cause an explosion or fire dust. When you're looking for a key for safety in any situation against explosions, flying matter and any other disastrous pressure release, we have your solution.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our customers at competitive prices. This is what we became leaders in the areas of civil explosions and provisions for the security forces. Our commitment to total customer satisfaction makes our customers return again and again. When it comes to selecting our products, quality is paramount. Therefore, you can buy with confidence. Here is a breakdown of equipments that we offer. We ensure that the Blasting Mats and shields are designed, installed and properly maintained to minimize the risk of explosion. If you do not find the item of interest, browse our site and contact us via the contact link. Please visit our website for more information about our services.

1 year ago

US Blast Mats, Providing Effective Vehicle Blast Mitigation Protection and Solutions

T.M.I's patented weave design offers its user and unique solution to their safety needs. Its modular design allows for maintenance and upgrade access without sacrificing safety. T.M.I's Blast Shields offer a breathable solution to any application. It's ability to vent air pressure and contain flying debris while remaining flexible and fireproof are properties all to itself. If there may be an issue with over pressurization, storms or explosive chain reactions why lose a facility and endanger lives when TMI can help.


We have an excellent US Blast Mats group and grant programs primary care safety or security risk, loss control, occupational health and environmental care. Keeping costs within budgeted and accepted by the customer and seeking continuous optimization of these. Deserving of awards and honors for performance and achievements in the various works which we have participated, which puts more value the service provided.


Safety is must and off-course it should be first. Tmi2001 is a brand name now in this field and we have achieved reputation in the market with our good quality blasting mats and services. To know more about us or about blasting mats, you can visit our website where you can find any information regarding the same. We also give discount on special orders. So hurry up, don’t be late, book us today and get the everlasting and most safe blasting mats at best minimal rates.